Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's time for J.A.M!!!

Hey all!!!
How was holz for you guys tht was on sem break?
AWESOME?!! hope it was! =D

So 2 weeks had just passed by oh-so-quickly & we're back in action!!!
As a kick-start, we will be launching J.A.M -> Jambatan Anak Malaysia
(to commemorate a special event tht occurred in our country's history)

It's time to rebuild the bridge of fellowship with our Malaysians~ =D
w/out taking into account one's race, religion, & status!

Come to C.F this Friday to find out more about J.A.M!!!

Prayer Meetings are ON @ 12pm sharp, same venue!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Thanksgiving

Hellloooo EVERYONE!!!

We're gonna be celebrating GOOD FRIDAY + EASTER!!! =D

Come and JOIN us this Friday for an AWESOME time of praise & worship!!!
We're also gonna have a mini-sharing session of our personal experience on Y.T.G.I.F (last Friday)
It's gonna be GOOD~!!!
ohh & do WEAR CF T-SHIRT if you own one!!

Extra NOTES:
1. There will ANOTHER ROUND of DONATION for JAPAN!! ^_^
2. CF will be OFF for the next COUPLE of weeks... =C

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Preparation con't!!

Helloo all~
So last week we did the first half of Easter Preparation
This week we are gonna continue with it!!

So we are gonna have a time of prayer,
some workshop session & some sharing session on the ways to SHARE the gospel to Pre-Christians!!
(let's not call them non-believers, so negative... >.<)

We are at the end of the PREPARATION!!!
Can't wait for the FINAL product!!!

Prayer Meetings are NOT on this week!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Preparation - It's gonna be the BOMB!

Helloz again to all of you!!
Hope you are all well & fine!

So wanna know what's up in CF this week?
Well~ you can bet its gonna be HUGE!!
So come to CF this Friday to:

1. Find out how you can HELP to make Good Friday/Easter even BIGGER!
2. Join the activities planned as we move closer to Good Friday/Easter!!

Ohh & P.S - Though tomorrow is April Fool,
We CF-ers do not prank around when it comes to this.... but then again.. hmmm? we might.. XD